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Rose-Ellen passed away from cancer on July 4th, 2016.
Her memory will live on in the Photo Memorial below.

Rose-Ellen's photo memorial. Photos added 8/3/2016
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8/7/2016 #1  Rose-Ellen's headstone has been installed so her grave is easier to find. The headstone has an inscription at bottom, "Hine El Yeshuati". That is Hebrew transliterated into English letters and means, "Behold that God is my salvation". Photo below click to enlarge.

8/3/2016 #1  Today I added more photos of Rose-Ellen. I will add a lot more of Rose-Ellen's recipes next week. See you at the party Friday.

7/31/2016 #1  Today I posted the first recipe and many more will be posted over time so take a look at the Recipes Page from time to time.  This first recipe is her Honey Cake that won the blue ribbon at the Arizona State Fair.  I will also be posting more photos of Rose-Ellen.  Today I found a good new home for Rose-Ellen's chocolate molds, cookie bags and tins.

7/25/2016 #1  Kevin says thanks to all that have helped and truly care for Rose-Ellen, Kevin remains humbled by your generosity. He has at least minimally dealt with his grief and just returned from a short visit with family. Kevin intensely loved Rose-Ellen so this is a loss he will never fully recover from. Survival and moving on with life are the first orders of business.

7/19/2016 #1  Rose-Ellen is buried at the Phoenix VA National Memorial Cemetery Of Arizona in Section 55 Number 2079.  The cemetery main entrance is on East Pinnacle Peak Road just East of Cave Creek Road. Section 55 is at the extreme North West  part of cemetery.  Look to east end of section 55 and you will see the edge with the new graves.  For now there is only a temporary marker and permanent headstone will be there in several weeks.